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Forget dementia, remember man

Jo Vandeurzen
Jo Vandeurzen

Memory Home

Van Gils & Gasten
Van Gils & Gasten

The Game of Imagination

VRT Journaal
VRT Journaal

Wat Alz?

Café Corsari
Café Corsari

Wat Alz?

VTM Nieuws
VTM Nieuws

Wat Alz?

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Jan 19th 09h30
Bibliotheek Heusden (Toast Literair)
Feb 12th 10h45
Thomas More (Campus Turnhout)
Mar 2nd 08h45
Thomas More Mechelen
Mar 5th 19h00
VIVES Brugge voor NVKVV
Mar 10th 14h00
Kinepolis Brugge
Mar 18th - 21st 09h00
Alzheimer's Disease International 2020 - Singapore
Apr 25th 12h00
May 25th 12h00
Vesalius Verpleegkunde (Gent)
May 26th 19h00
May 28th 13h30
HIVSET (Waregem)
Jun 2nd 19h00
Stadsschouwburg Sint-Niklaas
 History (163 lectures)


September 25th 2019

@ European Alzheimer's Roundtable

July 28th 2018

@ Chicago. Alzheimer’s Disease International. Sharing ideas on memory palaces & quality of life

April 4th 2017

@ Vienna. AD/PD Conference 2017 – sharing research on memory palaces